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Alice Lethbridge

Time Trial Cyclist

Time-trial cyclist Alice has certainly demonstrated her prowess, breaking the long-standing 12-hour time trial record in 2017 by covering 285.65 miles, and clocking up wins and podiums at events such as the 50- and 100-mile National Championships.

Dedicated and driven, she credits Forth Edge with helping her maintain her health and avoid overtraining while performing to her peak.

“Having regular testing with ForthEdge twice saved my season in 2019 by identifying biochemical issues before they put me out of action completely. I’d highly recommend regular testing for any high performance athlete.”

Alice began her sporting career as a runner, but a combination of injury and inspiration from the London 2012 Olympic road race saw her switch discipline to cycling.

In 2017, she broke the 12-hour time trial record, formerly held by the legendary Beryl Burton and a record that had stood for 50 years. She has continued to clock up excellent performances, with medals and wins at competitions including the 50-mile and 100-mile National Championship events again setting a new record.

With her repertoire expanding to cyclocross over the winter season which makes training and racing a year-round experience, monitoring how her body is responding to these activity levels becomes even more important.

Alice credits Forth Edge with helping her maintain a good level of health that allows her to train hard to achieve her goals while avoiding fatigue and ensuring her body is getting what it needs nutritionally.

Alice's Favourites

Q. What is your pre-competition meal?

A. Porridge with honey, walnuts and sultanas 3.5 hours before the event, or Weetabix with a mix of fruit and nuts if I'm traveling and don't have the means to make porridge. I also have a Veloforte bar 2.5 hours before. I eat this for races whatever time of the day!

Q. What is your go-to treat?

A. It's well known among my cycling friends that I really like icing (like you get on a cake!), which I was constantly told I shouldn't be eating but then a cycling nutritionist did a video where he said it was excellent on-bike fuel. I'm also a fan of dolly mixtures and the new yoghurt-covered Skittles. I'm also a fan of dolly mixtures and the crunchy biscoff spread straight from the jar!

Q. What is your number 1 item of kit for winter?

A. Definitely my Endura Primaloft gilet – small enough to pack in your pocket but oh so cosy.

Q. Favourite music for motivation?

A. I tend to listen to the radio when I'm training. Pre-race my motivation music changes year on year but will always be something that gets me spinning easily at a cadence of 90-100rpm because this is where I ride most efficiently.

Q. What Superhero would you be?

A. I think if I'm honest with myself I'm probably most like Batman - I've always used my 'demons' to motivate me to achieve my goals and keep improving, though like Batman at times that took me to unhealthy extremes - in my case over training and racing too much.

Q. What is your favourite indoor session (treadmill/turbo)?

A. 4 or 5 x5-minute efforts or 6 x 3 minutes. Favourite thing to do on the turbo though at the moment is race the WTRL weekly Zwift TTT with my Socks4Watts team.

Career Highlights

RTTC National 100 Mile Championship

7th July 2019 - 04:05:13

Winner at Zwift Invitational Race


RTTC National 50 Mile Championship

30th June 2019 - 01:57:23

2018 RTTC National 100 Mile Championship

8th July 2018 - 03:51:06

100 mile record


100 mile National Record


100 mile National Champs


10 mile National Champs


2017 and 2018 British Best All-Rounder, Cycling Time Trials Association

2017 - 28.220
2018 - 28.360

2017 12-hour time trial championships, Eastern Counties Cycling Association

13th August 2017 - 285.65 miles (NEW RECORD)

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