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Food Hack #SweetPotato

January 4th, 2018

Sweet potatoes have taken over in popularity from the humble white potato due to its high beta carotene antioxidant content and being a great source of complex carbohydrate, providing slow release energy and making it an ideal fuel option before or after exercise.

They are perfect just baked and served with oily fish as a recovery meal or added to a risotto for a pre-endurance training meal. They can be added to salads or make fabulous soups for lunchtime options, helping to prevent that 4pm sugar slump. 

Forth Edge provides the missing piece in the performance jigsaw by giving you data about what’s happening to your body on the inside. Gain insight into fatigue, recovery and training load with our simple at home tests and online tracking platform.  See our test profiles for more details.

Renne McGregor, Performance Dietician

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