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Biomarker Profiling

The Missing Piece In Your Training Jigsaw

The massive explosion in apps and wearables has meant that we have more information than ever before to help us with our training. We spend hours tracking our progress on platforms like Strava, Garmin Connect and Training Peaks... but how much do any of us really know about our inner health?

This is where biomarker tracking can provide that extra insight and knowledge that can help you not only optimise your training but your health as well.

That’s why Bodycoach Fitness has teamed up with Forth, an innovative biomarker tracking service to offer you direct access to biomarker profiling, quickly and easily.

What’s in it for me?
By testing and tracking key biomarkers it is possible to obtain valuable information into when you are over-trained, under-rested and or in need of extra nourishment. By gaining valuable insight into fatigue, recovery and immunity, you can optimise your training and diet.



Train your best and increase your endurance while avoiding fatigue and maintaining good overall health

per test


Gain insight into your full physical state so you can run further, faster and longer and avoid burning out

per test


Identify what your body needs to perform its best with biomarkers integral to the triathlon athlete

per test


Optimise your performance by understanding your body’s requirements for peak performance and recovery

per test


Ensure your training works with your body’s natural strengths so you can achieve your best

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Build Your Own
Use our chatbot to tell us a little about yourself and we’ll design a custom biomarker kit to suit your needs

How Forth Edge works


Order your test

Choose a test to suit your sport or design your own bespoke profile.


Take your sample

A safe, easy-to-use kit makes taking your sample at home simple and convenient.


View your results

View your results on your app and learn more about how biomarkers affect your performance.

Watch our short video to see how our test kit works

Your personal sports-science team, in your pocket

Sample at home and get your results quickly

The easy-to-use Forth Edge test kit allows you to collect the sample at home and post it directly to our accredited laboratories. Processing and analysis takes only two days, and our unique app interface lets you see your results at a glance, or dive deeper for more insight into what each marker means for you, your training and racing.

Expert advice and analysis

Our team of sports medicine experts will analyse your unique biomarker profile, interpreting the results and providing evidence-based advice so you feel empowered to optimise your health and performance.

Forth Edge Science Team

Your biomarker data when you need it

Using cutting-edge technology we’ve developed an app and interface that puts you in control of your biomarker profile, and with regular testing you can build up an accurate picture of how your body responds to training. Whether you’re monitoring across a season, recovering from injury or keen to train sustainably, Forth Edge can help you make the most of your hard work.

Science-based knowledge to help you train smarter

Safe and simple at-home sample collection
Our easy-to-use kits make collecting your sample and sending it to our labs quick and convenient.

World-class facilities, accurate results
Our accredited labs use the latest analytical technology and techniques to process your sample, giving accurate and insightful results in only two days

Expert sports science advice, tailored to you
The Forth Edge medical team consists of world-leading experts in their fields, including nutrition, endocrinology and sample analysis techniques. They interpret your readings to provide advice that’s specific to you.

The information you need at your fingertips
A user-friendly app that displays all the key biomarker data you need for your sport, compared against the average user for your age and gender set

Discover your unique biological profile
Test regularly, and you’ll get to know your body like never before. You’ll understand what it needs, and how to train and race sustainably while optimising your performance.

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