• Biomarker Profiling:

    The Missing Piece In Your Training Jigsaw

The massive explosion in apps and wearables has meant that we have more information than ever before to help us with our training.  We spend hours tracking our progress on platforms like Strava, Garmin Connect and Training Peaks... but how much do any of us really know about our inner health?

This is where biomarker tracking can provide that extra insight and knowledge that can help you not only optimise your training but your health as well.

That’s why Bodycoach Fitness has teamed up with Forth, an innovative biomarker tracking service to offer you direct access to biomarker profiling, quickly and easily.

What’s in it for me?
By testing and tracking key biomarkers it is possible to obtain valuable information into when you are over-trained, under-rested and or in need of extra nourishment. By gaining valuable insight into fatigue, recovery and immunity, you can optimise your training and diet.

So how exactly does it work?


Forth Edge the service which has been developed specifically for recreational athletes offers three profiling packages - Endurance, Power and HIT, The Endurance test is ideal for athletes. These packages are specifically tailored to the demands of your sport, analysing the most important and relevant profiles for you. Once selected, a finger-prick blood sample kit is sent to you which is very easy to use and can be done at home. When completed, you simply post it back to Forth’s laboratory.  The sample is then analysed and the results consolidated. 


Results are available within a couple of days, and are displayed on the your “Personal Health Dashboard.  Via this dashboard it is possible to track changes in your biomarkers month-on-month, so that you can identify the real impact that different components of training, lifestyle and diet choices have on your ‘numbers’.


Through the information provided on the Forth Edge platform it is possible to optimise your biomarker profile, and learn about the effect that each biomarker has on performance. This is explained clearly, with information provided about what specific foods can enable an athlete to reach peak performance. The result of this is a long-term insight into training, performance and athlete development.

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