Food Hack #Hummus

The combination of Chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon and olive oil make this a high nutrient packed dip full of vitamins and minerals. The chickpeas provide soluble fibre, an important component of the diet that has been positively linked with improved heart and gut health. Chickpeas are also high in protein, iron, folate and B vitamins, making it a great choice for all but, particularly useful for vegetarians and vegans, whose diets may be naturally low in these.

Similarly, tahini is sesame seed paste and an excellent source of calcium; this is especially important as a non-dairy option for those individuals who may avoid or cannot tolerate dairy.

While hummus is often associated with being high in fat, it is usually made with either the more traditional, olive oil or rapeseed oil. Both a good sources of unsaturated fatty acids, which should be making up the majority of our overall fat intake. If you are watching weight, then be mindful of your portion size.

Hummus is very versatile, it can be used as a sandwich filling, a jacket potato topping or as a dip to be eaten with vegetables; perfect as a high protein snack between meals.

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Written by
Renne McGregor, Performance Dietician

Renee is a registered dietician with 20 years’ experience working in clinical and performance nutrition. She is the author of best-selling books ‘Training Food’, the ‘Fast Fuel’ series and ‘Orthorexia, When Healthy Eating Goes Bad’. Renee is regularly called upon as an expert contributor to many national publications, as well as radio and TV, including Newsnight and BBC 5 Live. As well as being the nutritional lead for Forth, Renee works with a number of national governing bodies, including Scottish Gymnastics, The GB 24 hour Running Squad and The England Ballet company.

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