Injury Risk (Female)

In general exercise can promote good bone health, however female athletes can often be threatened by a reduction in bone density leading to an increased risk of stress fractures, as well a long term reductions in their bone strength. It is therefore important to keep track of key bone markers to ensure your skeleton health is not compromised.

Why are female athletes at risk? Regular, vigorous exercise can lead to a reduction of the female hormone oestrogen (oestradiol) which is a key transporter of calcium, an essential mineral for strong bones.

This test profile is specifically designed for female athletes who are involved in frequent and intense training, who want to guard against poor bone strength and reduce the risk of injury. It includes the important hormone, oestradiol (oestrogen) and well as calcium and vitamin D, which can often be low due to limited and poor quality sunlight.


Finger prick or phlebotomy
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Cost: £59.00

Estimated turnaround 2 days From receipt of sample

Kit type: Finger prick or phlebotomy

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