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Scientific Knowledge and insight at your fingertips

State-of-the-art technology and science-based insights combine to give you a clear picture of your health and performance

Measure your body and map your progress with our bespoke app and supporting technology

Our app and market leading biomarker dashboard gives you the scientific information you need to help you perform at your best whilst protecting your long-term health. Simple to understand and accessible whenever you need it.

Biomarkers made simple

Specific performance categories with easy-to-understand biomarker information will help you gain insight into how your body is performing, and how to optimise training load, recovery and nutrition.

Rest and recovery in a vital aspect of an athletes training programme. It helps the body to adapt to the stress load which has been placed upon it and provides time for the body to repair. Biomarkers such as cortisol, hs-CRP and creatinine kinase give valuable insight into whether you are giving your body enough time to recover.

Red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen to cells during exercise. Biomarkers such as haematocrit and haemoglobin give insight into the body’s oxygen carrying capacity. Trained athletes, particularly in endurance sports can have decreased haematocrit, sometimes known as ‘sports anaemia’ due to increased circulating volume.

Eating a balanced diet and fueling appropriately around training are crucial for the body to perform at its best. By gaining insight into key hormones and micronutrients such as ferritin and B12 you can be sure you are giving your body what it needs.

Studies have shown that heavy training loads can compromise an athlete’s immune system. By measuring your white blood cell count you can gain insight into the strength of your immune system.

Hormone levels together with key vitamins and minerals are vitally important to bone health and can lead to an increased risk of fractures if low. 

At-a-glance results at your fingertips

Our state-of-the-art technology allows you to view your biomarker data quickly with a simple display that gives you all the key information you need to act on.

In-depth info that helps you perform at your best

Delve deeper to learn more about what those biomarkers mean, how they impact your performance and recovery, and how you can make changes to improve them.

Our science-led information gives you the knowledge and power to understand how your body works, and how you can work with it.

Your data interpreted by our sports-science experts

Our medical team provides advice on improving areas of concern to ensure you can achieve your best without compromising your overall health.

With a wealth of clinical and research experience, Forth Edge draws on the knowledge of endocrinologists, nutrition experts and biomarker clinicians.

Track changes over time

Our technology allows you to track changes in your biomarkers throughout the season, so you can scientifically measure how your body responds to differing training loads and changes in nutrition.

By testing over time you can build a picture of your body’s own unique biological profile and become alerted to significant changes.

Created by our team of sports-science experts, our biomarker profiles are designed to optimise endurance, power and strength.
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