• Optimal Performance

    To get the best out of your body you need to look beyond the surface and understand what’s happening on the inside.

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  • Know Your Numbers

    Forth analyses over 30 key biomarkers essential for performance. Make sure you know your numbers.

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  • Matt Sharp, ITU U23 World Champion

    “Measuring blood profiles is the best way athletes can get the most out of their training.”

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In pursuit of your performance potential? Looking for the edge?

You’ve just found it.

Understand your body like never before. Our blood tests are designed for athletes who want to track key biomarkers integral to performance.

Whether you’re a recreational athlete, weekend warrior or professional competitor, our simple lab analysed blood tests and tracking platform will give you greater insight into your athletic performance. Find out exactly what state your body is in and unlock your weaknesses from the inside out.

Understanding what’s happening on the inside is the first step towards pushing yourself to new limits whilst still protecting your health.

Tests backed by science, created for optimal performance

  • Endurance

    The essential profile for those competing in endurance events such as triathlons, cycle sportives and marathons.

    £69 per test


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  • Endurance Plus

    Advanced profile for endurance sport athletes such as Ironman triathletes, cyclists and ultra runners.

    £99 per test


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How it works

  • Test

    Select the subscription package which is right for your sport. We will then send you your first kit to collect a finger-prick blood sample easily at home. Once done, simply post the sample direct to our lab.

  • Track

    Results will be available within days on your online dashboard. Here you can track key markers for fatigue, recovery and more, allowing you to make adjustments to your training load and ensuring your body remains in good health.

  • Optimise

    Forth gives you the power to optimise your biomarker profile. The affect each biomarker has on your performance is explained together with information on foods to help you reach peak performance.

We recommend re-testing at least every 3 months to establish baselines and build your unique biomarker profile.

Forth uses the latest advances in clinical testing and digital technology to enable athletes and fitness enthusiasts to gain deep insights into their unique biomarker profile.

How it works


See how a simple test can improve your performance...

All the knowledge you need to gain your edge

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Download biomarker guide

To help you gain a greater understanding of the role key biomarkers play on your health and performance, we’ve put together an easy-to-understand guide.



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