Tests backed by science, created for optimal performance

  • Endurance

    For endurance sport athletes such as triathletes, cyclists and long distance runners.

    £114 per test


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  • Power

    Perfect for athletes and body builders involved in strength and resistance training.

    £89 per test


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  • HIT

    For sports which require continued or bursts of high intensity such as track cycling or team sports.

    £99 per test


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  • Race Fit

    For those in the early stages of their fitness journey or under taking a new challenge.

    £79 per test


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  • Training Load

    Find out if you are in danger of over-training and need to give your body a little more rest.



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  • Recovery

    Scientifically measure how long it takes your body to recover after a race or heavy training week.


    Pack of 3

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See how a simple test can improve your performance...

As a working mum, I often find myself training ‘tired’ as the demands of day-to-life take their toll. Forth Edge has enabled me to gain a valuable insight into what is happening 'under the surface’, so it is possible for me to adapt my training and lifestyle to get the very most out of each and every race.

Kate Allan, Time TrIal Cyclist & Finley’s Mum


I recently used Forth’s blood screening service prior to competing in the Paralympics in Rio.  Through the test I discovered that my Vitamin D was low and with the help and advice of my dietitian, was able to address this before Rio.  Forth provided an excellent service.  I was able to have my bloods taken from a clinic close to where I train and my results came through very quickly

Piers Gilliver, Silver Medalist, Rio 2016

The tests Forth offers are intended to improve wellbeing and optimise sports performance.

They are not intended as a substitute for medical diagnosis.  If you have concerns about your health please talk to your GP.

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