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Science Led,

Technology focused

Every step of the way, Forth Edge harnesses the latest technology combined with evidence-led sports science to help you perform at your best

To get the best from your body you need to know what’s happening on the inside as well as out.

That’s where Forth Edge can help. Our testing and analysis gives you the scientific knowledge you need to understand your body, how it responds to training, how it recovers from injury and exertion and what it needs to perform its best.

From our simple home testing kit through to our accredited laboratory analysis, to an app that puts all the information you need at your fingertips, we work to ensure your data is as accurate as possible.


Safe and simple at-home sample collection

Our easy-to-use kits make collecting your sample and sending it to our labs quick and convenient.

Forth Edge Testing Kit
Forth Edge Lab Testing

Labs and accuracy

Accredited facilities, accurate results

Our UKAS accredited labs use the latest analytical technology and techniques to process your sample, giving accurate and insightful results in just two working days

Forth Edge Lab Accuracy

The Team

Expert sports science advice, tailored to you

The Forth Edge medical team consists of world-leading experts in their fields, including nutrition, endocrinology and sample analysis techniques. They interpret your readings to provide advice that’s specific to you.

Forth Edge Science Team
Forth Edge App Results

Platform & apps

The information you need at your fingertips

A user-friendly app that displays all the key biomarker data you need for your sport, compared against the average user for your age and gender set.

Forth Edge App

Why track?

Knowledge is power, speed and strength.

Test regularly, and you’ll get to know your body like never before. You’ll understand what it needs, and how to train and race sustainably while optimising your performance.


Taking the best to new heights

We work with professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts to help them reach new levels of performance

Simone Mitchell


“I use Forth Edge to monitor my wellbeing, body stress levels and make sure my biomarkers are as they should be throughout the year. My key focus is to ensure my body’s recovery is continually monitored to prevent injuries and to ensure I am performing at my very best. I know that with regular biomarking testing with Forth Edge I have left no stone unturned and can fully commit to delivering my very best performance in training and at races”

Harry Tanfield

Road and track cyclist

“I find the information about my blood values at different points in the season very valuable; it helps me guide my training and monitor the training load. Equally my nutritionist, coach and gym coach use this information to better enable them to direct my training. It’s a complete team effort and Forth Edge makes this possible. Plus the test is super quick and easy.”

Tom Evans

Ultra runner

“As a professional athlete I need to ensure that I’m looking after my body throughout the year. Being an ultra runner, my training volume is high (225km average per week) and it’s essential to stay healthy. This is where Forth Edge has helped me; my first test showed that my iron levels were low and I have now been able to improve them which has really helped my performance. It’s an essential part of my training and racing as an endurance athlete!”

Our ambassadors work with us to improve our products and services so all Forth customers get the edge they need

Created by our team of sports-science experts, our biomarker profiles are designed to optimise endurance, power and strength.
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Our labs are accredited by CPA and UKAS

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