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The highest standards in laboratory excellence

Forth Edge only works with accredited laboratories and technicians to ensure your samples are processed securely, quickly and accurately.

Your information is important, so we ensure it’s treated with the utmost respect.

The Forth Edge laboratory adheres to the strictest controls on quality, equipment, testing processes and data security.


UKAS Accreditation

Forth Edge only uses laboratories with ISO 15189. This is an internationally recognised accreditation for laboratories that cover clinical biochemistry, endocrinology and haematology. It is the gold standard in the industry and the same standard met by NHS laboratories.


Quality & Accuracy

Our lab operates a robust quality control program to ensure quality standards are met on a day-to-day basis. Each biomarker is validated for accuracy and repeatability both through ISO 15189 and an on-going external quality assessment scheme.



Data security is a top priority. Our labs follow guidelines G031 set out by the Royal College of Pathologists. All data files are transferred using HL7 files, an international standard for the transfer of clinical data. Once your data reaches Forth Edge, it is encrypted and stored on ISO 27001 accredited services based in the UK.



We work with academic institutions to conduct and support research to improve our processes and knowledge of sports science medicine such as the bone health of cyclists. A recent research project with the University of the West of England indicated very little difference between venous and capillary samples.

Created by our team of sports-science experts, our biomarker profiles are designed to optimise endurance, power and strength.
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Our labs are accredited by CPA and UKAS

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