• Get the most out of your body

    To get the most out of your body you need to understand what’s happening on the inside. 

Gain insights to optimise performance

Biomarker profiling allows you to understand your body like never before, helping you to make the right nutrition and training choices to optimise your performance.

By tracking your biomarkers at regular intervals through our online dashboard, you can see how changes in diet and training load are impacting on your numbers, helping you to gain that extra edge.

If you want to:


  • Reduce injury risk

    Keep your season or race preparation on-track by measuring markers which indicate your body’s susceptibility to injury. 

  • Increase energy levels

    By measuring and tracking key biomarkers you can take action to boost your energy and avoid fatigue. 

  • Avoid over-training

    Gain insight into how your training is affecting your body’s inner health helping you to maximise your training load.

  • Stay healthy

    Ensure your training isn’t having a negative affect on your overall health. 


See how a simple test can improve your performance...

Designed to put you in control

Deep insights into your health

Direct access to accredited laboratories

Fast results which are easy to understand

Secure and private

Frequent questions

  • Q.

    How is my blood sample collected?


    You can collect the blood sample we need yourself using a finger-prick sample kit.  We will send you the kit as soon as you place your order.  Subsequent kits will be despatched at the frequency you requested.

  • Q.

    Are finger prick tests easy to do?


    Essentially yes, anyone can collect the sample required easily and quickly providing they follow the instructions given. Finger-prick kits contain a small lancet which pierces the skin. The finger is then massaged and the resulting droplets of blood are used to fill the small collection tubes. It is imperative that you fill the tubes to the indicated line or analysis may fail.

  • Q.

    When is the best time to collect the sample?


    For convenience we recommend you collect your sample first thing in the morning. This is compulsory for some tests which have biomarkers which fluctuate depending on the time of day or with the intake of food. Please ensure you follow the instruction for your particular test carefully.

  • Q.

    How soon do I need to post the sample to the lab?


    It is absolutely essential that your blood sample is posted to our laboratory in the pre-paid envelop on the day the sample is taken. The tubes contain chemicals which help to delay the clotting of blood. Any delays in the sample reaching the laboratory may lead to analysis failure or inaccurate results.

  • Q.

    How do I know when my results are ready?


    We will send you an email as soon as your results are ready to view. Simply log onto your secure account to view them. The estimated turnaround time for each test is stated on the test page and can be as quick as 1 day from receipt of sample.

  • Q.

    Are my test results reviewed by a GP?


    Only test results which fall within a critical range are reviewed by our expert in clinical biochemistry. If your results fall significantly outside the normal reference range or you have concerns about your health, please make an appointment to see your own GP. 

  • Q.

    Can I print off my results?


    Yes, all your test results can be downloaded from your dashboard into either an excel or pdf format, so you can share them with your personal trainer/coach, nutritionist or any other healthcare professional.

  • Q.

    What laboratories do you use?


    All our laboratories are accredited by either UKAS or CQC and meet UK regulatory standards. 

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